St Jude Bells

The Three Bells are dedicated to the Holy Family. The large bell at the bottom to St Joseph, the protector and guardian of Jesus and Mary. The middle bell to Mary, Queen of Heaven and Mother of Jesus. The top bell to Jesus with the inscription “May the name of Jesus be heard throughout the land.”

St Jude Bells Ringtone

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This recording can also be added to your smart phone to schedule daily prayer (i.e see Angelus Prayer below); a simple reminder of your Christian values as you carry on with your day; or a joyful sound from the old neighborhood. (see Memories below)

All are welcomed to visit to hear the bells and join us for Mass. They ring five minutes before the 4:00 PM Saturday Mass and 10:30 AM Sunday Mass. They also ring daily at noon and 6:00 PM.

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The Angelus Prayer

The Angel of the Lord declared unto
And she conceived of the Holy Spirt.

Hail Mary…

Behold the handmaid of the Lord
Be it done unto me according to Your

Hail Mary…

And the Word was made flesh,
And dwelt among us

Hail Mary…

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.
That we may be made worthy of the
promises of Christ.

Pour forth, we beseech You, O Lord,
Your Grace into our hearts,
That as we have known the
Incarnation of Christ,
Your Son by the message of an angel.
So by His passion and cross
We may be brought to the glory of His
Through the same Christ, our Lord.

Memories Of St. Jude Bells

Belfry towering nearby trees
Sending sounds of joy along the breeze,
Well beyond the Parish’s boundaries.
Bringing back childhood memories…

Morning’s warnings when we were late,
Noontime’s peals before we ate.
And yet again at evening’s start.
A playground sound to the young at heart.

Louder on Sunday than during the week.
Funeral tolls when only tears can speak.
Wedding bells praising love divine.
Times for our lives to pause and align.

Seniors reciting the Angelus prayer
With devotion, faith, and generous care,
Daily at Eight, Noon, and Six,
Moments to reflect on their daily mix.

Midnight Mass, the choir caroling,
Tidings of joy, the bells heralding.
This day is born God’s only Son,
The great “I Am,” the Holy One.

Easter Lilies blossoming forth,
The church packed full, south and north,
Alleluias from every pew,
Indeed, He is risen, giving life anew.

Years gone by and times have changed.
And many a house is torn or razed.
But St. Jude stands, a hopeful ray;
Its chorus of bells can be heard today.

Yes, the bells still ring,
And the choirs still sing,
And the Sisters still bring
The love of our King.

The priests, they still say
The Mass every day.
And in their steadfast way
The people still pray.

What are these bells,
These three bronzed gongs?
These clanging shapes to gather the throngs?
They’re symbols of hope, invitations to prayer,
They’re glorious reminders; God’s love we’re called to share.